Daniel Joseph Martinez

By Stacey Holzer
Without propensity for a particular medium research has broadened over time to convey a particular set of ideas for Daniel Joseph Martinez.   Creating response in particular moments of time his work is not overburdened by the fashion or tenure of the moment and is therefore unlimited by the fashionable statements of current trend. 


Not unlike Burroughs novel Naked Lunch, Martinez only allows you to see as much as he wants you to see.  Intratextual echoes often appear relating to different perspectives within a larger picture.  Geared toward a future emergent aesthetic Martinez investigates the rigorous operation of power and is fascinated with aspects of life that have nothing at all to do with the institutionalized art world.  Nano Technology, Quantum physics and Astral Mathematics are generating the solutions of our future existence Concepts that yield aesthetic inspiration functioning as a catalyst for change. Intellectual interest in these specialized fields goes far beyond mark making or the snapshot of an image.  As an artist Martinez goes beyond the pleasure of beauty and remains in the question of greater relevance. Martinez is one of very few artists on the edge of the universe exploring frontiers of possibility.      
Contemplating creation as a 21st Century artist Martinez identifies with the lexicons of the unknown, improbable, the unexpected and unconsidered.  Beginning to visualize the future possibility of originality he explores walking in and out of multiple dimensions fabricating worlds that don’t exist.   Shape shifting reality moving the linear construct of time and space.   Where the world meets resistance is in its desire to comprehend everything it runs into.  Its limited confined identification stands in its own way of all that is possible. 

The Houston installation was really a proposition on the discourse of photography in a futuristic context.  In Martinez view, conceptually creating from a futuristic perspective, challenging perceptions and old thought patterns is the difference between making a work of art that substantially changes everything or just becomes aesthetic exercise. Martinez states, Artists are the constant of this culture, everything you know should be challenged in order to develop your own inquiry.  What do you think independent of any outside information?       

The odd occurrence of receiving an award for residency in Alaska provided Martinez the possibility of seeing his last state on a quest to see all of the states in the Union.  So he took on the entire state of Alaska travelling to the furthest compass point possible with a number of objectives in mind. One was to traverse the entire length of the
Alaskan pipeline and the other were to see the origin of the species that migrate on the land bridge to the continent. Seeking the untold story of art missing the context urban centers attempt to define, Martinez surveyed a glimpse of the Alaskan experience.   Communicating via the back of convenient store travel postcards Martinez sent Interventionist Haiku, and Absurdist Concrete poetry written to a specific group of thirty people around the world. Martinez states There are relatively few places in the world one can make a technological analysis of what may or may not exist in terms of culture. 

Daniel Joseph Martinez, Detail from Those who wish for peace should prepare fr war; Old Sasquatch Proverb, Communiques and fund photographs form traveling in Alaska fot the month of August 2009
The Dualism of an idea began to propagate where people around the world could follow what Martinez was doing simultaneously integrating the ideas into the concept of an exhibition at a particular moment in time.  Returning to the unanswerable question, Martinez produces an unquenchable aesthetic intervention.    He has worked in various forms including installation and performance art, never satisfied, never reproducing the same thing twice.   Learning is a never ending sojourn for him; if not there is no point in continuing to make art.
Daniel Joseph Martinez, Detail from Those who wish for peace should prepare fr war; Old Sasquatch Proverb, Communiques and fund photographs form traveling in Alaska fot the month of August 2009
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